For me and for you ....

It's with great pleasure that we introduce a new column to our blog - pour moi et pour vous. Each month we will ask a few of our favourite poster lovers to tell us the poster on their wish list - pour moi; and the poster they'd most like to give - pour vous. To get it started we'd like to introduce three wonderful mums - professional organiser and styling wiz Sarah Shanahan; colour expert and illustrator Jane Reiseger; and the always stylish Melissa Bombardiere, responsible for some of the sweetest iPhone photos we've seen. We've loved seeing what they've chosen - merci beaucoup ladies!

Sarah Shanahan

Pour moi - 'Salon de Mai - Paris'. I immediately fell in love with the simplicity, the colours & typography. I've been thinking a lot lately about Berlin and how much I would like to travel there. I would love this in our sitting room where everything is simple, uncluttered and calm. I could stare at it all day!
Pour vous - 'Camping, Voyages, Vacances'. I would give this to a friend of ours who are mad keen campers. I love it's simplicity, the colours, the overall happiness of the poster. they have a simple, rammed earth home and this would just look amazing!

Jane Reiseger - represented by The Jacky Winter Group & @janereiseger

Pour moi - 'Paris quartier d'été'. This poster is so fresh and joyous. I have dark wooden walls in my studio on which this poster would look amazing. I love that it's about Summer festivities too.
Pour vous - 'Droit de Vote des Immigrés'. So colourful and happy! I love the running people and the sense of freedom. it also looks a bit like a modern tapestry.

Melissa Bombardiere

Pour moi - 'Loterie Nationale Lion Tamer'. Not only am I a Leo but everyday I feel like a lion tamer, taming my two little girls who are fairly wild most of the time. It would be the perfect distraction above my desk.
Pour vous - 'Jeunesse au Plein Air Anchor'. For my mum, she is the most happy when all the grandkids are together and even better when the whole family is hanging out together at the holiday house. This would be the perfect addition there, it's right on the water looking out to anchored boats and grandkids playing in the water.

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