Bonjour Summer with Lefor - Openo

We're excited to announce The Galerie is headed north for a brief yet brilliant pop-up exhibition - BONJOUR SUMMER. For three days a truly rare collection of posters by the artistic duo Lefor - Openo will be on show in Sydney, available to view and purchase. Perfectly playful and a little bit festive, this collection is the ideal way to welcome the sunny season.
Young, female and unmistakably French, Marie-Claire Lefort and Marie-Francine Oppeneau applied an effortlessly chic, vibrant and unique approach to advertising for just 12 short years. Full of charm, wit and flair, their posters for film, tobacco, travel and fashion capture the joie de vivre of the post-war era. Brilliant in colour and composition, each commission achieved renown and success. Over half a century later their posters are today exceedingly rare, and amongst the most strongly collected and admired worldwide.
This exhibition has been a labour of love for The Galerie, a slow accumulation of pieces we knew deserved to be saved and seen together as a comprehensive collection. Michelle's meetings with Ms Oppeneau in Paris only reinforced our fascination. The sprightly eighty year old is one of few remaining from the golden age of French advertising, and we are so pleased to present this exhibition with her blessing.

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