About Us

The Galerie Fitzroy specialises in original vintage and contemporary posters.

Founded in 2002 as Galerie Montmartre - Original Vintage Posters - by Shelley Collins and Stephan Trbuhovich, this Melbourne-based business quickly established itself as an online and retail hub full of enthusiasm and knowledge for their unique, original poster collections from the turn of the century to the noughties.

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About Vintage Posters

The Galerie Fitzroy only deals in original posters; there is not one reproduction amongst our collection. When you see the year of a poster on this website, that was when the poster was printed... and yes, some are more than 100 years old!

Each poster was created by a particular artist (Toulouse-Lautrec is probably the most well-known) to advertise a particular product for a particular company for a short-lived advertising campaign. However, not all of them made it to the billboard or wall. The posters we have collected were saved - most likely stored by the printer, the company or the posterists themselves - and have inadvertently become a rare piece of history, a snap-shot of the time. 

We have sourced far and wide to create this collection of valuable, fabulous, original poster art.