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Original Vintage Posters

The Galerie Fitzroy (Est 2002) specialises in original vintage posters from the late 1800’s to early 2000’s. We’ve spent three decades scouring the world to create this collection of valuable, authentic and captivating poster art.

Our posters are the real deal

Originals only

Authenticity is our passion! Our posters are guaranteed original without a repro in sight — Certificates of Authenticity are available on request.

Shipped with care

Our posters are treated like the treasures they are! We roll, wrap and send them with care, ensuring they arrive safely to their new homes.

Eco-friendly artwork

They’re vintage! They’re paper! With a little archival love, these 'short term' artworks have lasted the distance — proving them to be both eco-friendly and collectable.

We love our poster lovin’ community

Our customers are everyday people from all walks: they simply love the uniqueness and originality of vintage poster-art.