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Frequently asked questions

As a passionate vintage poster collector living overseas in the 90’s, I was curious as to how this industry was even a thing.  It all seemed so mysterious. You can bet I asked plenty of questions… Funnily enough, they are the very same ones asked of us since opening our gallery doors back in 2002!

Who buys vintage posters?

It’s simple: our Gal-Pals are people like you!

On opening The Galerie, we made the assumption that our main clientele would be specialists in graphic and interior design, architecture and hospitality. But we quickly realised that our main customers are a wide range of people — from students to empty nesters  — who love the uniqueness and originality of vintage poster-art. Mainly acquired for their homes and offices, our Gal-Pals see our images as the icing on the decorating cake. 

Where do you find vintage posters?

These days, our posters come from a wide variety of sources.  

In the early collecting days we were able to form relationships with French paper vendors. But honestly, once you open a gallery, it’s amazing how many people come to us with exquisite posters once stored in their sheds, or found under floorboards, or inherited from relatives with printing backgrounds or years of their own collecting. We buy from all over – so long as they are original.

Why are there so many French posters?

There’s a whole history lesson to be had here which we will narrow down to two basic reasons: 

  • it was the French who devised the printing ‘technologies’ to create large-scale billboard advertising, originally through stone lithography in the early 1900’s leading to other forms that continued the same aesthetic through into the 1980’s;
  • therefore it became a strong industry where the advertising poster became revered and exploration of graphic design, as we now know it, was encouraged using leading artists of the day.  

Are vintage posters a good investment?

Like any piece of art, whether what you buy will increase in value is a tricky one – based on so many factors! What we know for sure is that when it comes to original posters, when treated with care, your posters always maintain their value.

There's so many posters, where do I start?

We know looking at so many images can be overwhelming but we consider this the fun part! We encourage you to simply flick through the images with no expectation, take note of the things that jump out at you. Buying art that you love is step 1 in a truly valuable investment.

Do you offer lay-by?

Yes, you can purchase our posters via lay-by and payment plans. Please contact us for more information and terms.

Can I set up a gift registery?

We love love! Wedding / birthday / all occasion gift registries can be organised, please contact us to discuss all options.

We also offer Gift Cards.

Can I visit the Galerie in person?

The Galerie Fitzroy is located at Level 1, 274 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC Australia. Enter via Victoria Street.

We are open to the public on Saturdays, 10am-4pm, but we know this doesn't always suit everyone's schedule. For a private appointment, please contact us.